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QSP Summit 2011

A summit discussing leading through market innovation will be taking place at the Exponor exhibition centre in Porto on March 10.

The international business conference will be looking

at case studies including CNN, EDP Renewables and Intel with guest speakers David Aaker discussing brand relevance, Andrew Stephen looking at social media and viral marketing and Steven Sonsino exploring sales leadership.

A spokesman from the QSP Summit said: “In particularly tough times for the European economy, the QSP Summit returns to the theme of innovation.  Adding value to products, using new techniques to break with pre-conceived ideas and creating differentiation is essential to improving companies’ competitiveness and for the revitalisation of business.”

The morning session will begin at 9.15am with speakers outlining case studies and themes, while in the afternoon there will  be workshops including topics such as digital communication, branding and sales promotion.

Entry to the event costs from €480. Discounts are available for members of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

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