Marta Silva

Pyrography, burning art into wood

Marta Silva is a young Portuguese artist born in 1996. From an early age, the art world was part of her identity, with a focus on the environment which Marta always felt she belonged to.

Although Marta went through artistic studies, the desire to learn and discover more led her to pursue an interest in other aspects of the art world. In 2020, curiosity arose to learn and develop a new technique called pyrography, which consists of recording drawings on wood through temperature.

It was an art form that made Marta, who is self-taught, start on her own to create works within this area. To augment and supplement her love of this art form, she works as a physical therapist/trainer.

Pyrography, burning art into wood

It is in her spare time that Marta has been developing and perfecting her technique. It is also a diversion from the adversities of everyday life.

With Angolan descendants and a great love for the planet’s biodiversity, it is the wild animal world that is her favourite theme. The diversity of animals in harmony with their natural landscapes, the emotions and feelings that are provoked in us are what she conveys with her art.

Marta’s main artistic motivation is to create compatible combinations of images found in the “wonderful world of pure nature, full of biodiversity”. The purpose is to provoke in those who view her art “a feeling of life”.

Pyrography, burning art into wood

An art show by Marta Silva was held in Lagoa last September called ‘Espírito Animal’ (Animal Spirit) at the Galeria Manuela Vale. Nearly all of her artwork on display found a home. She will return to the same venue later this year in October.

Marta, who lives in Portimão, also does bespoke art pieces.

Pyrography, burning art into wood

Unfortunately, in Portugal, learning in the art world is very limited. Nowadays, Marta tries to promote her work not only by selling her art but also to anyone who wants to learn and know more about a different and unusual technique that is not often seen in Portugal.

Marta mainly tries to attract young people who, like her, want to try something different from the traditional art, and encourages them to discover “their own art, even if nothing around them indicates that they are on the right path”.

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Marta can be contacted by email: [email protected]