Pylons wherever EDP likes

Dear Editor,

We have read an article regarding the dilemma of EDP marching in and erecting electricity pylons close to residents’ homes (Algarve Resident, July 19, 2013).

We plan to retire to the Algarve but the recent reports on the EDP placing pylons wherever they like makes retirees reticent to commit to retiring to the area and buying/restoring properties if electricity companies are able to erect pylons without consultation/feedback from local residents. Do councils and the planning authority have any input to the programme?

Can you give any more information or direct me to a site which talks about EDP pylons being erected in the Algarve/Portugal?

Does EDP have an information site on areas they are targeting?

Do they plan to place any cables underground as in some areas in the Algarve?

Brenda Piercy

By email

Editor’s note: Dear Brenda, you can contact EDP Distribuição on 808 500 500. They do speak English and can direct you to the information regarding future projects.