Pylon protest

Dear Editor,

Once again I write to you about the ongoing problems with REN . We have been trying to arrange a meeting with them, without success.

They have two proposed routes for the high tension cables in the Santa Catarina area. Route A which is their chosen route and route B being the route that affects less of the population and property and this is confirmed by Atkins (the company who carried out the original ecological survey). We can only assume that route A was chosen for reasons of economy because it is marginally shorter than route B. Again this shows how little REN consider the local people and loss they are going to suffer by the devaluing of their property and loss of beautiful views.

Local agents predict that if this goes ahead, property in the area will be virtually worthless. The small local communities in the hills will suffer because people will have to move from the area as they are afraid to live under these cables and once again the houses will fall into ruins. So I ask the directors of REN ‘would you like to bring up a family under these cables? I don’t think so. So come on REN show some compassion.

Brian Carrigan, São Brás de Alportel