Putting the glam in camping

Does the idea of the perfect camping get-away involve sleeping under a moon-lit sky, strolling through the wilderness, singing around a campfire and enjoying the action-packed activities that nature has to offer?

However, does the prospect of fighting with a tent, sleeping with a stick in your side and bathing in a nearby river put you off?

Then it’s time to satisfy your craving for the outdoors and prepare for a complete ‘glamping’ experience – where glamour meets camping in the middle.

The recently established term, Glamping (meaning to camp in a glamorous or up-scale fashion) has taken off globally and is now also being promoted at various Algarve facilities.

Photo: www.kongres-magazine.eu
Photo: www.kongres-magazine.eu

The luxurious way to camp allows ‘glampers’ to participate in all the same eco-friendly activities such as hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, fishing and more. However, when the day is done, instead of clambering into a claustrophobic, uncomfortable, small tent, an alternative blissful tipi, yurt or safari tent is provided.

During a typical glamping trip, tents are often designed in a simplistic yet designer inspired way, using brightly coordinated colours and soft-to-touch, warming materials.

The facilities, nine times out of 10, will provide electrical outlets, which enable occupants to operate appliances such as reading lamps, hair dryers, telephone chargers and more.

A commonly used excuse to opt out of camping is the lack of sleep obtained while settling down for the night on a bumpy, uncomfortable surface. Good news – those who glamp are enticed by a full or single sized air or spring mattress.

Pushing the days of a night time in smelly sleeping bags placed on bumpy or insect-infested grounds aside, glampsites are now starting to pop up worldwide, in countries such as America, Thailand, England and Australia, attracting thousands of curious visitors each year.

Photo: www.tipialgarve.com
Photo: www.tipialgarve.com

Glamping is fast becoming popular in various parts of Portugal.

The Algarve now has a few of its own, including the eco-retreat company, TipiAlgarve, which has recently begun promoting their services to the UK market, under the strapline, “Do something a little different this year – go glamping in the sunny Algarve.”

Owners Samantha Lazzaris and Calvin Newport run TipiAlgarve’s glampsite from a secret valley location, between Silves and Monchique, that allows privacy and security.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his project, Calvin told the Algarve Resident: “I have always enjoyed and been passionate about camping. However after experiencing the more luxurious version of camping, also known as glamping, in the UK, I was inspired to bring the new phenomenon to the Algarve, where the weather is much better suited for creating glamping experiences.”

Photo: www.whatisall.com
Photo: www.whatisall.com

At TipiAlgarve, guests are provided with accommodation that includes a double bed with freshly laundered bedding, cushions and towels, plus storage for clothes and electrical power outlets.

A shaded cooking area is located outside, with a sheltered dining area, where all kitchen essentials are available, enabling campers to leave behind all added culinary bulk from their luggage.

Plus there is a communal area featuring hot showers, flushing toilets and washing facilities. Visitors are also supplied with a full itinerary and list of recommended supplies via e-mail before their arrival, ensuring that they are fully prepared.

Supporting the eco-friendly ideal of traditional camping, TipiAlgarve’s vegetable patch enables glampers to buy and pick their own organically grown fresh produce, which reduces the amount of supplies required when packing for the trip.

Photo: www.travelettes.net.
Photo: www.travelettes.net.

Supporting the Algarve’s glamping venture is the Eco Hostel Algarve facility that is closely located to Estoi and the Eco-lodge Brejeira glampsite, both of which are home to yurts, tipis, cabins and more.

If the eco-friendly experience sounds like fun to you, why not give this new stylish trend a go? Whoever said that camping could not be a five star adventure?

For more information about Glamping, please visit www.tipialgarve.com, www.ecohostalalgarve.com or www.eco-lodgebrejeira.com/en