Portugal's defence minister
Portugal's defence minister: Image: Manuel de Almeida/ Lusa

Putin’s claims ‘absolutely delusional’ – foreign minister

Portugal’s foreign affairs minister has accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of making “absolutely delusional” claims about the war in Ukraine in his speech yesterday when he announced Moscow’s suspension of the nuclear arms control agreement. In part one of an interview with Lusa news agency, to be released in full on Friday, to mark the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, João Gomes Cravinho shows how surreal  our current times have become. As Portugal’s ‘head of diplomacy’ it would have been unthinkable a year ago for anyone in  his position to call the president of a country that sits on the United Nations Security Council “delusional”, even less “absolutely delusional” –  but so much has changed in 12 horrific months. We will bring you the English version of Lusa’s interview on Friday.