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Puppies need homes

Dear Editor,

At the beginning of April 2010, near to our home in Mesquita Baixa, we found a tightly tied up sack, containing five new born puppies, umbilical cords still attached.

The first week was a frantic effort to keep them alive and get enough puppy milk into them.

During the first fortnight, sadly we lost two. But the other three have flourished and are now big, beautiful ten month old pups, inoculated and neutered.

Two are almost perfect Labradors, Oliver is golden, and Lady is black. Roly is even bigger, more German Shepherd than anything.

Sadly, my health is not good, and I am undergoing a lot of tests at the moment.

I desperately need a good, loving home for Oliver and Lady – the “mostly” Labrador pups.

I do not want them to have a life on the end of a chain, I really want to find a home where they will be part of the family.

If you have a large, fenced garden, endless patience and lots of love to give, please offer a home to my two beautiful pups. Tel 289 845 397 or email


São Brás de Alportel