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Pulling Lisbon out of chaos

LISBON CÂMARA’S dire financial straits, coupled with a string of scandals and resignations to hit the municipal authority in recent months, is worrying Lisbon residents. The findings were made public during the launch of an initiative, organised by the Lisbon Communist group (PCP), called “Pulling Lisbon out of chaos”, which began on Saturday.

Carlos Chaparro, leader of the PCP Lisbon organisation board, told Lusa news agency that the campaign brought 150 activists onto the streets distributing leaflets especially produced for the initiative. The activists were on hand to ask local passers-by what they thought of governance in Lisbon and if they had confidence in their elected city councillors and appointed officers.

“People are really worried about the state that Lisbon Câmara has got into and we are hearing their complaints loud and clear,” said Chaparro.

Among the main worries highlighted by the PCP was the image of financial mismanagement and disorganisation at city hall, cuts to the Carris bus services, urban hygiene problems, housing issues and rising rents.

Urgent measures

The PCP has identified a series of problems for which it set out a package of urgent measures. Chaparro highlighted some proposals, such as the need for the Câmara to make a realistic and honest balance of its total debt, and not to approve planning permission for plots of land unless they were approved and set out in the Municipal Plan.

The Communists also suggested creating ‘brigades’ to deal with the poor state of the city’s roads, green parks and public buildings.

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