Public transport prices to go up again in February

The Government is preparing to raise the cost of monthly metro and bus passes next month.

At the same time, it is to slash the frequency and number of services outside peak times in a bid to cut costs.

The price hikes, which could be as much as 50% in some cases, will mainly affect Lisbon and Porto public transport systems.

The cost of a monthly metro pass in Lisbon and Porto could rise to more than €35.

The decision was made following a study involving public transport companies in both metropolitan areas.

The Government has decided that the new price tariffs will be publicly announced tomorrow (Saturday) and come into force on February 1.

The study is also serving as the basis for a restructuring plan for the public transport system which is currently being studied by the Government.

Among the proposals which are said to be on the table is the reduction and extinction of career posts at bus company Carris – 37 will be altered and a dozen eliminated.

Lisbon Metro will also make changes to its timetables, reducing the frequency of services at certain times.

In addition to services being slashed, the two public companies Porto and Lisbon Metro are to be merged into one entity.

A single monthly pass is also to be introduced for the two which will serve both services and could imply an increase of nearly 50% on the cost of a monthly ticket.

It means that the current monthly cost of a metro pass will go up from €23.90 to €35.80.

River ferry services run by public companies Transtejo/Soflusa will also be reduced on the Tejo while the service between Trafaria-Porto Brandão-Belém is to be axed.

There will be fewer boats, fewer services and services may take longer to save on fuel consumption.

In Porto, the public transport network is to be reduced by around 11%.