Public throw bombs in Oeiras

A POLÍCIA Judiciária car and a GNR patrol vehicle have both been attacked with molotov cocktails in Porto Salvo, Oeiras, this week and the motive behind the bizarre incidents still remains unclear. Both attacks occurred when the vehicles were passing the Moinho das Rolas estate, however the authorities insist there is no cause for alarm.

Oeiras police station is strategically located next to Moinho das Rolas council estate where, in the ‘90s, hundreds of people were brought to live from Pedreira dos Hungaros shanty town. A source from the police commented that putting the police station within sight of the population “is one of the ways of controlling the area”. However, this method clearly does not work all the time as, when the patrol car drove through the estate at night last week, there was a group of more than 10 men standing around a makeshift oil drum fire.

The police said of the situation: “We know from experience that it is best not to intervene in these circumstances as it only makes matters worse.” Both the GNR and the PJ in Oeiras say the “situation at the estate is under control and no serious problems exist in the area”. No one was injured in the attacks that occurred at around 10.30pm at night, although the vehicles involved were slightly damaged.