Public sector workers strike over salary cuts throughout Portugal

Hospitals, schools, courts, Social Security offices, tax departments, firemen and even rubbish disposal services are on strike today throughout Portugal over government-imposed salary cuts, the troika-led increase in working hours (from 35 per week to 40) and what has been termed as “glaring injustices” within the public sector.

Union leaders are expecting “strong adhesion”, and media sources predict 80-100% “paralysis” throughout country, despite a court order binding nurses to new rules over minimum services during strike action.

Speaking on the eve of the strike, union leader Arménio Carlos said: “The mood is clearly one of indignation over the way public sector workers are being treated”.

This latest strike follows a major civil servant walkout last November.

Reporting on the various hospitals already affected up and down the country, Público says that since November’s strike “unions have seen the reasons for protest gain expression and new dimensions”.

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