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Public seal of approval for Cavaco Silva

According to a recent poll undertaken by daily newspaper, Correio da Manhã, this month, the Portuguese people are very satisfied with the performance of their President, Cavaco Silva. The survey revealed that 58.1 per cent of those interviewed gave the President a score of 16 out of 20.

These results, when compared to those of previous opinion polls, show that Cavaco Silva is pleasing the general public more and more. In May, 45.6 per cent of those interviewed considered that the President was doing a good job but, by June, that percentage increased to 55.6. Also, the average point rating the President received increased from 13.3 in May to 14.9 in June, and now stands at 16.1.

These results prove that the presidential visits dedicated to social issues are proving popular with the Portuguese people. Only 8.1 per cent of those interviewed classified the President’s performance as being poor, while 15.3 per cent described it as being fair and 18.5 per cent did not offer an opinion.