Public prosecutor calls for jail time for Operation Ether (tourism) defendants

Portugal’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has called for real jail time for the former president of Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal (TPNP), Melchior Moreira, and for communications businesswoman Manuela Couto, in the context of Operation Ether. In his closing arguments, which are taking place at the São João Novo Court in Porto, the public prosecutor called for three of the 21 defendants to be sentenced to prison: Melchior Moreira, Manuela Couto and Isabel Castro, one of the directors of TPNP at the time of the events. Manuela Couto – the wife of a former mayor involved in another investigation into alleged corruption  – is also due to face trial with former Secretary of State/ mayor of Caminha Miguel Alves who is charged with violating rules on procurement.