Public ministry archives embarrassing case of Brazilian belly dancer driving high-speed train

In another supreme example of the alacrity of Portuguese justice, the case of a Brazilian belly-dancer filmed at the controls of a high-speed train to Porto, sounding the horn, snorting with laughter and blowing kisses at the camera has finally been archived – five years after the embarrassing incident (click here). National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains today that “neither the woman nor the driver have been held responsible”.

Which leaves the question, who else could possibly be responsible?

CM adds that CP railway authority was keen to press charges as the situation was not one that it approves of in the slightest, however it was “difficult to identify which train” was being driven by sultry Halima Abboud, who the driver should have been, or indeed what day or indeed time the film was taken.

Another unknown, says CM, is why the driver would have invited Miss Abboud into his cabin in the first place.

A quick look at the delightful Miss Abboud suggest CP investigators may not be that sharp.