offshore wind farm aerial high angle

Public hearing on zones for offshore wind turbines to open this week

Auction expected by September

 Portugal’s prime minister, António Costa, has announced the public hearing to propose deployment zones for offshore wind energy production will be launched this week, with the auction expected to take place by September.

“Today I can announce that this week we will open the public hearing for proposals to delimit the implantation zones and that until the last quarter of this year we will launch our first offshore wind energy auction,” António Costa said in his speech at the Ocean Race Summit, which is being held in the Cape Verdean town of Mindelo and has, among other guests, Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres.

The PM recalled that he had pointed to Portugal’s goal of reaching 10 gigawatts of capacity produced by offshore wind energy by 2030 at last summer’s Oceans Conference in Lisbon.

In his speech today, António Costa stressed the role of the blue economy and the “advantages of economic exploitation of the oceans”, considering that environmental goals cannot be achieved without them.

“We cannot achieve our goals of zero emissions without taking into account the determining role that the oceans play in climate regulation; it is necessary to ensure adequate financing of these transitions – from carbon-intensive and polluting industries to sectors that ensure the sustainability of the environment and economic prosperity, leaving no one behind,” said Mr Costa.

For the PM, “protection of the oceans is a global cause” and therefore “it only makes sense to carry it out through a multilateral approach, centred on the United Nations, through a participative process that involves not only governments but civil society, and based on universality of that which is the true Constitution of the Ocean: the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea”.

Reviewing some of the initiatives launched in Portugal in this area, António Costa stressed it is necessary to “increase funding for ocean-based initiatives on a global scale“, inviting all participants to attend this year’s meeting of the Forum on Blue Economy and Investment, classified as “a unique opportunity to put investors and potential beneficiaries in contact”.

The Ocean Race Summit is part of the first stop in Cape Verde of the Ocean Race, the largest and oldest regatta in the world, bringing together politicians, governments, experts and other personalities to address the future of the oceans.

(Not fully explained is where the public hearing is being held; where the Forum on Blue Economy and Investment takes place this year).