Francisco George
Francisco George insisted today: ""We must all have, and this is absolutely essential, confidence in the health authorities, ... in the people who are in charge of the public institutions that govern the country."

Public health society welcomes WHO’s ‘sensible’ maximum Covid-19 alert

Francisco George, president of the Portuguese Society of Public Health has welcomed the decision by the World Health Organization (WHO) to maintain maximum alert levels for Covid-19 as one that “makes perfect sense” because viruses are constantly changing. Viruses, Francisco George told Lusa, “are like a chameleon, but even more so because, in addition to the colour of the skin, in a symbolic way, they change their own genetic composition and this is a problem because the set of mutations gives rise to a variant that can then escape the protection of the antibodies that people have that resulted from vaccination or natural infection.” Mr George is one expert who is still in favour not only of the frequent washing of hands, but of the continued  use of disinfecting gel…