Psychopathic killer left trail of blood and terror

A psychopath, who kidnapped a university lecturer in Faro and took her in her car to a lonely woodland spot where he bludgeoned her with rocks and left her for dead, is now behind bars.

The accused, named as André Godinho, aged 33, has beenlabelled by police as a “psychopathickiller” capable ofdoing anything to satisfy his craving for drugs, reported Correio da Manhã.

He faces a string of 18 alleged crimes including murder, attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, arson, drug trafficking, robbery, theft and dangerous driving without a licence.

The offences were committed between July and September last year, six of them allegedly aided and abetted by Godinho’s girlfriend and another friend.

On August 3, after nearly killing the university teacher,he set fire to the woodland area in Castro Marim, where she lay unconscious and badly beaten as he left the scene of the crime.

A month later, Godinho allegedly murdered 76-year-old José Pires in Paderne, Albufeira.

The killing happened after Godinho had just returned from Spain where he had fled after the kidnapping of the university teacher. While he was in Huelva in Spain, he beat a 75-year-old farmer to death with a wooden club and robbed him of money.

On the same day as the kidnapping of the teacher, Godinho had attacked a roadside fruit seller on the EN125 and stole the victim’s car.

The catalogue of crimes include the stabbing of a man and theft of money in Portimão on July 29 and the following day , with his two partners in crime, they carried out a vicious attack on a man in Ferragudo, cutting their victim’s Achilles tendons before robbing him.

On August 1 in Odelouca, the trio attacked a man and set fire to his house.

The two who aided and abetted are also in custody awaiting trial.