PSP seek “idiot” caught on camera dunking homeless man into recycling bin

The era when social media leads the news has well and truly arrived: PSP police in Amadora are described today as “trying to verify” a clip posted online showing a young black man tipping a purportedly homeless person headfirst into a recycling bin. The clip has ‘gone viral’ with commentators labelling the black youth “an idiot”. According to reports, the incident happened last Sunday in the Falagueira district of town.

Says tabloid Correio da Manhã, a restaurant owner has confirmed that the ‘victim’ lives locally and was injured as a result of his consignment to the container which is apparently two metres deep.

Nevertheless, no complaint has been filed with the authorities, which is why police today are trying to confirm whether the whole thing isn’t just a very dark joke.

According to reports, the ‘victim’ had been searching the household waste recycling bin to see if he could find any ‘scrap’ for onward sale.

The clip (click here) shows his upper body very much inside the bin when the black youth approaches at some speed, taking care not to be heard, and takes the man’s feet, pushing his body down into the bin.

The youth then appears to run towards the car where friends are filming, giggling and saying: “go, go, go…”

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