Praia da Rocha (Inês Lopes//Open Media)

PSP police to hand out protest flyers at Praia da Rocha

“We cannot be low-cost police”

Police union ASPP will be handing out flyers to beachgoers at Praia da Rocha in Portimão on Thursday morning (August 25) to raise awareness about the “problems affecting” PSP police.

The union’s series of protests started at the end of July with similar initiatives at airports in Porto, Lisbon and Faro.

“We aim to elucidate those who visit us that Portugal is a safe country thanks to the effort, sense of responsibility and additional work of police,” the union says in a statement.

Among the police force’s main demands are changes to its pay grade, “more attractiveness” for the profession and the “fulfilment of their professional status.”

“We do not seek charity policies, we do not seek extra work without compensation, we do not want cosmetic operations or communication campaigns, we do not want to confuse the population,” the union adds, stressing that PSP police cannot be a “low-cost police.”

The flyers will have information in four languages: Portuguese, English, German and French.

By Michael Bruxo