PSP police suspend and demote Benfica “bullyboy cop”

Following shocking film footage which clearly showed him attacking a father and grandfather for no apparently justifiable reason in full view of two horrified children, PSP inspector Filipe Silva has learnt that he faces a further 90-days suspension and is now no longer to head Guimarães’ criminal investigation brigade.

According to news today, the ministry for internal administration has extended Silva’s 90-day suspension, which ran out at the beginning of this month, for a further 90-days, while the national syndicate of police officers considers what kind of punishment he deserves.

Meantime, a substitute has taken over leadership of the special team of police that Silva was in charge of.

Silva’s over-the-top treatment of two men found exiting a rowdy Benfica game from a prohibited exit, with their two young charges, hit the headlines in May and has resulted in one of his victims pressing charges.

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