PSP police not worried about Algarve’s 4% crime hike

Crimes registered by PSP police in the Algarve are up 4% compared to last year. The minor increase is not worrying, according to regional PSP police chief Ricardo Matos, who justifies it as a “natural consequence” of the larger number of people who visited the region this year.

“It’s 120 more crimes in the six towns that we operate in. It’s a slight increase,” he told journalists during the celebrations of the PSP police force’s 88th anniversary which took place on November 11 in Portimão.

As he pointed out, “violent crimes” only account for 6% of all crimes registered by PSP in the Algarve. This translates into fewer than 50 violent crimes registered between January 1 and October 31.

While he admits that “worrying situations do occur”, he says that they are “dealt with promptly”.

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