PSP police in shock as government blanks 500 recruits

The ‘ageing’ PSP police force is in shock today after the government that promised to open the way to 800 recruits has effectively blanked 500, allowing the training only of 300. The news comes as 800 young men and women are already in training at various stations throughout the country. The Finance ministry confirms the cutback is due to “budgetary restraints”, but the PSP is expected to challenge it.

Said union boss Delmino Farinha: “Who will lose with this are populations who are being served by old police without the capacity to respond to demands.”

The ‘ageing’ of the urban police force was put into the public eye earlier this summer when national director Luís Farinha told prime minister António Costa that 25% of his workforce (around 5000 agents) would be retiring within the next five years.