PSP injured and questioned

Two undercover Portimão PSP officers were allegedly brutally attacked at Portimão Marina, requiring treatment at the Barlavento hospital. The incident took place at the Capicua bar after it was reported that the bar was still open at 5am, official closing time. The police agents allege that several men attacked them when they approached the bar. Meanwhile, an eyewitness claimed that the incident occurred after one of the policeman pulled a small firearm and pointed it at the bar owner. The two policemen called for backup as soon as the fight started and made three arrests, including the bar owner. According to DJ Pedro Justino, one of the policemen was acting very strangely. “I didn’t really see much,” he told reporters. “I saw one police agent waving his gun at everyone, including those who tried to calm the situation, and even threatened them with his club. The other policeman seemed to want to calm things down. After that, I didn’t see much of the fight. All I saw was someone lying on the ground with his head split open.”