PSP drug busters use Di Maria’s Audi R8 supercar for traffic duty

PSP drug busters use Di Maria’s Audi R8 supercar

It can reach speeds of 300kph and it used to belong to football superstar Di Maria. But now PSP police – who confiscated the Audi R8 supercar from its last owner in a major drugs bust – say it’s their turn.
They say the €170,000 car will be the perfect foil in the fight against the drug underworld.
The only moot point is that it may have to be handed it back to its (rightful?) owner if he is cleared on drug-trafficking charges.
This unlikely story of crime-fighting in the fast lane was highlighted this week when the famous supercar was delivered to a PSP warehouse, now beautifully painted in police colours.
According to newspapers, it will be “on reserve” for operations around the capital, but could eventually be loaned out to other forces.
The risk of having to return it to its owner – a young man whose criminal alias translates as “Bug” (Bicho) – is apparently worth taking. Correio da Manhã reports that “statistics show that only 6% of cars used this way have to be returned”.
If “Bug” is cleared in what CM describes as a mega trafficking operation that supplied the entire north of the country, then Lisbon’s PSP would also have to pay for any “wear and tear” that had become apparent to the car in their zeal to clean up Portugal’s streets.
For now, PSP spokesman Paulo Flor has confirmed “the use of the Audi R8” saying: “It will be available for traffic duty and for situations of visibility, PSP demonstrations and state visits.”
And road users beware: the car can accelerate to 100kph in less than five seconds. Not good for dawdlers in the fast lane or anyone who thinks they can put their foot down and lose police tails.