PSP child safety bracelet generates interest

A new initiative by the PSP police to help trace children who have become lost generated great interest during a crime prevention display at the Praia da Rocha Tourist Police Post on July 26.

From 8.30pm to midnight, the PSP, Safe Communities Algarve and the British Vice Consul joined forces to promote the Algarve as a safe holiday destination while also providing advice should one become a victim of crime.

Throughout the evening, a large number of passers-by learnt about the work of the three entities, and there was great interest in the PSP child safety bracelet system to help find children who may have become lost. A number of persons, including tourists, subscribed to the scheme. More details of this can be found at

The next crime prevention display, this time with the GNR police force, will be outside Intermarché Supermarket in Monchique on Friday, August 9, from 10am to 1.30pm.