PSP chief caught on camera kicking train passenger in genitals

A female PSP police chief has been caught on camera kicking a train passenger in the genitals. The passenger was travelling on the Sintra line without a valid ticket. Even in the face of this irrefutable evidence, the national direction of PSP has refused to comment, saying only that it ‘is investigating the situation’. The passenger had apparently refused to leave the train at the next stop as ordered by the police, claiming he had ‘rights’. It was after this retort that he was  kicked in the genitals. Says tabloid Correio da Manhã “the situation raises questions on the actions” of the (so far unnamed) police chief. A video carried by Jornal de Notícias actually shows the woman hitting the floor beside the recalcitrant passenger repeatedly with a baton before he is manhandled out of the carriage (click here).