PSP catch 44 people breaking quarantine in Algarve since start of pandemic

Forty-four people have been caught breaking quarantine in the Algarve by PSP police throughout the seven months since the pandemic broke out in Portugal.
Reports Correio da Manhã tabloid, seven were caught red-handed as they were leaving home despite being told not to.

According to PSP’s Hugo Marado, many of those caught breaking quarantine said they were doing so to buy food.

However, the PSP police spokesperson stressed that anyone who is isolating at home due to Covid-19 can have their groceries delivered to them by municipal entities.

Added Marado, this requires “proactive” teamwork between several entities.

Meanwhile, 76 commercial establishments have also been closed since the start of the pandemic as they were not respecting rules related to “social distancing, masks and closing hours”.

Forty-nine people have also been caught drinking alcohol in public and two parties were broken up, each with more than 50 people.

One of the Algarve’s largest outbreaks happened due to an illegal party held in Odiáxere in June (click here)

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