PSP agent gives desperate mother reason to smile

It was such a simple gesture but it made all the difference to a desperate mother who found the €40 her 10-year-old son had been given to buy new clothes had somehow gone missing.

In the company of her child, the woman had reached a paying counter at the Allegro shopping centre in Alfragide, with their ‘purchases’ when she noticed the money was gone.

It could have been the child’s fault, she didn’t know – but she didn’t have the money herself to pay for what they needed, and the whole trauma left both returning to their car in the carpark in tears.

It was then, by happy chance, that PSP agent Alexandra Sousa came along.

She listened to the woman’s despair, trying to calm her down, and then returned to the centre, saying she was going to see if the money had miraculously reappeared.

“A few moments later, the agent returned, saying my life would get better and giving me the exact sum of money that we had lost,” the woman, who gave her name as Claudia, has written on the PSP Facebook page, adding “I never thought a policeman or woman would do something like that.”

“The humanity, and humility” of agent Sousa brought sunshine through the clouds for one little family, and is now being widely shared on Facebook, with over 40,700 likes, hundreds of commentaries and almost 11,000 shares.

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Photo: Facebook