Luís Montenegro, PSD leader
Luís Montenegro, PSD leader, today as Expresso claims President Marcelo doubts PS Socialists can pull back from the brink, and is now waiting for the European Elections to evaluate whether the executive "has the conditions to reach the end" of its mandate (2026) Image: Rodrigo Antunes/ Lusa

PSD slams “closer government” initiative, kick started in Castelo Branco

PSD social democrats have today accused the government of taking advantage of European funds as well as taxpayers’ money. At a conference in Lisbon today of the European People’s Party, dedicated to the PRR (programme for recovery and resilience), PSD leader Luís Montenegro said the “closer government” initiative which began in Castelo Branco yesterday is a way of hoodwinking municipalities into thinking great works will be accomplished, when almost certainly they will run over budget, leaving the councils with a heavy burden into the future. “The Portuguese government is deceiving municipalities, and undermining the spirit of the PRR”, he said.