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PSD party has the most party members

PORTUGAL’S centre-right PSD party is the party with the most members, according to national weekend newspaper Expresso.

Since January 2005, more than 27,000 Portuguese citizens were members of a political party.

The centre-left PSD lead the rankings with 142,673 members, followed by the PS with 90,629, PCP (Communist party) with 80,000 members, Conservative right CDS-PP with 34,744 and Socialist Bloco Esquerda with 7,000 members.

When it came to recent recruitment, the PSD were also ahead of the other parties: up until September 2006 it registered 7,594 new members, while in 2005 it got even more new members with 8,793.

Between January 2005 and March 2006, the Communists garnered 3,068 new members, while the PS got 2,949 between January and September 2006.