PSD officials “worried” about lack of decision over coalition

With elections just months away, many PSD officials are starting to worry about their party’s reluctance to decide whether or not it will be teaming up once again with the CDS-PP.

According to Jornal de Notícias, Prime Minister and PSD party leader Pedro Passos Coelho (pictured) let many people down by not being clear at the PSD’s most recent meeting on Tuesday (April 14).

Although he said it would be “ideal” if the PSD was able to run without CDS-PP support, he said that the decision will be made in a soon-to-be-held “extraordinary meeting”.

Party faithful have told JN they feel it is “risky” to let the subject drag on for so long.

Manuel Frexes, district leader of PSD Castelo Branco, said that a coalition is the “most natural move” – stressing the decision should already have been made.

Porto’s PSD leader Virgílio Macedo was not quite as adamant, saying “there is still time”.

Thus, the CDS-PP remain on tenterhooks, waiting to see if the PSD want to combine forces against the Socialist Party (PS) – the only other major party with a chance of winning the looming elections.