PSD MP refuses to blow in bag after police pull him in for “irregular” driving

Pulled over by police as he drove irregularly on his motorcycle through the quiet streets of Porto at 5.05am on Sunday morning, PSD MP Miguel Santos took the unexpected step of refusing an alcohol test and flourishing his MP’s identification card before driving away. The PSP officer involved told journalists “I felt a strong odour of alcohol” but Santos said afterwards: “I had not drunk alcohol. I don’t even drink.”

More to the point perhaps, he explained: “I showed the only documentation that I had with me, which was my MP’s card. The police agent thought I was behaving badly. I showed myself to be available to present documents to the police station and, as is my right, I left”.

Santos’ “right” may be news to other people pulled over by traffic cops, as normally police fine drivers who are not carrying driving licences or vehicle identification and insurance papers.

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