PSD MP gets caught speeding for second time

He’d already been fined for speeding before, but that didn’t stop PSD MP Mário Simões from letting the power of his BMW get the better of him again on Sunday afternoon (April 12).

The politician was stopped by GNR police for driving at 130km per hour on the IP2 road between Beja and the Algarve – where the limit is 90km per hour.

Although he paid the €120 fine on the spot, the politician risks losing his licence for a month as it was the second time he has been stopped for speeding, reports Jornal de Notícias.

Simões denies, however, that he was driving 40kph above the speed limit.

“My car wasn’t showing the speed GNR says I was travelling at,” he told JN.

The 44-year-old said he would present his case in Parliament, accusing the officers of having a “repressive attitude instead of a preventative one”.

Simões’ latest brush with the boys in blue follows a speeding fine in 2013, when he was clocked over the limit between Alcácer and Grândola. That same year, his ex-wife also filed a complaint against him for domestic violence.

To make matters worse, this time Simões tried to warn other drivers to slow down after he’d been stopped, which police then informed him was also against the law.