Portugal Masters

PSD Loulé criticizes lack of support for Portugal Masters in Vilamoura

“With the PSD, the Portugal Masters would not have been discontinued”, says the political party.

PSD Loulé reacted to the recent news that the Portugal Masters 2023 edition, an event whose last editions were held in Vilamoura, did not take place due to a “lack of public investment”.

“This situation is unacceptable for a municipality like Loulé, which at the beginning of October had more than 80 million euros in cash available”, highlights Cláudio Lima, president of PSD Loulé.

At stake is the support granted by Turismo de Portugal and the municipality of Loulé, apparently just over €500000, according to a statement from the party.

“Even during the COVID period, the event was held. In 2022, the Masters had 24 thousand spectators and was broadcast live to more than 130 countries. It is an event that gives international visibility to Vilamoura and the municipality of Loulé, brings thousands of tourists and consequently overnight stays to nearby hotels, boosts the local economy, helps to extend the summer for many traders, and also promotes the sport in a municipality that has 13 golf courses, a third of the courses in the region”, highlights João Paulo Sousa, councillor of Loulé City Council elected by the PSD.

On this issue, the Algarve deputy and councillor elected by the PSD, Rui Cristina, guarantees that “if the PSD had been governing the municipality of Loulé, the Portugal Masters would not have been discontinued in 2023”.

“If it depends on the PSD, this event will be back on the calendar in the coming years with financing guarantees. Loulé cannot let international events of this importance be diverted to other regions of the country, as has already happened with the Rally de Portugal. Our local economy needs these events, and Loulé City Council has the means to provide them with financial coverage”, he concludes.