PSD isolated over same-sex adoption

A political row has erupted over a PSD-backed proposal for a referendum on same-sex adoption – with the party’s CDS coalition partners leaving it firmly out in the cold.
CDS parliamentary leader Nuno Magalhães has announced that his party will almost certainly be abstaining from the vote for a referendum – expected to go ahead tomorrow afternoon.
The CDS’ reasons centre on the subject being “silly” when one considers the difficult economic times. Deputy Lobo d’Ávila said the issue should not be given priority – even less have money spent on it at this point in time.
Socialist, Left Bloc and Communist deputies were even more scathing, claiming the whole plan was a ruse to delay the passing of a law on coadoption.
Socialist Pedro Delgado Alves claimed the PSD were “holding democracy hostage and turning it into a farce”. Now all eyes are on the vote tomorrow.