PSD defend preservation of Algarve’s identity

news: PSD defend preservation of Algarve’s identity

1. The creation of Região do Algarve (Algarve Region)

Right away we must go ahead and strengthen the capacities and powers of the Metropolitan Area and, with priority, elect the members of the regional governmental institutions.

2. Sustainable development of the Algarve fight against the inter-regional imbalances and ensure that wealth is generated, while respecting environmental values, planning guidelines and quality of life for the citizens.

3. Quality of life for the people of the Algarve must be measured by the capacity of the social infrastructures – educational, logistical and economical – that make the region attractive from the point of view of working and business, but also good management and town planning that, as a priority, considers the overall wellbeing of the collective population.

4. Defence and preservation of the Algarve’s cultural identity. Reconciling modern values and progression with respect for historical patrimony, culture and landscape, including the preservation of the coastal and river areas of the region.

5. Promotion of local council administration which is transparent, efficient and citizen friendly, in order that it delivers the true purpose for its existence. Combat bureaucracy and shorten the time delay for decisions and response.We want local councils to be quick, flexible, competent and dynamic, abolishing the unnecessary bureaucracy, eliminating costs and inefficiency, adopting a management style, which stimulates competitiveness, responsibility and assessment of the council services.

6. To strongly aim towards the implementation of new technology, not only for database, digital mapping, communication systems and internal decision making. We want to move on to the next step, to allow general access for the council residents, from their own homes. This way, processes will be managed in a way that they respect and which assures transparency at the local councils.

7. To efficiently exploit the means and potential of the Algarve Digital system.

8. Promote and provide incentives for the maximum use of recyclable energy, in respect of public and private buildings.To create conditions for energy producers and investigating companies to use wind, sun, sea and biological resources.

9. Construction of the Hospital Central do Algarve, incorporating a Faculty of Medicine.

10.To fight for the swift conclusion of the construction of the Odelouca Dam, essential for the strengthening of the water supply for the Barlavento, and to urgently prepare a package of measures relating to the region’s water supply; construction of a set of dams (Foupana, Alportel and Cercas), good use of superfluous water of the Santa Clara Dam and the launch of a central treatment centre for sea water.

11. Conclude work on major basic sanitation networks, which are currently in progress, and put in place the new water treatment stations with advanced technology.

12. Fight for the fast development of a project to modernise the rail links to Lisbon and Seville, as well as surface transport within the Algarve.

13. Create a metropolitan authority for transport in order to efficiently manage and co-ordinate the transport networks at a regional level.

14. Facilitate the launch of the Congress Centre at Parque das Cidades, providing the region with a facility that is essential for its promotion.

15. Oversee the successful building of the Oceanography Centre of Sagres.