PSD brings toll debate to the fore

Faro’s Social Democratic PSD party says the Via do Infante (A22) tolls are too expensive and are seriously affecting the already fragile economy of the region and the livelihood of local people. “The situation is not fair or right just because some rulers of the past made reckless decisions. The people of the Algarve and visitors are currently facing a setback of more than 20 years,” said a PSD spokesperson.

The Social Democrats from Faro also stressed that the region’s alternative roads and railway system resemble a third world country.

Construction of the Via do Infante road aimed at improving the transportation of goods, people and services in order to boost the region’s economy.

Instead, the tolls have contributed to the Algarve’s “monstrous” unemployment rate, while both public and private investment is almost non-existent, the political group said in a press release.