Luís Montenegro, PSD leader, determined to give PS a run for its money is now only 0.1% behind the prime minister in terms of personal popularity. Photo: Manuel de Almeida/ Lusa

PS losing steam: PSD closing gap – September poll

With citizens described as “not enchanted” by the government’s €2.4 billion ‘package’ to help them through inflation, a September poll conducted by Intercampus for Correio da Manhã has shown the government is losing steam when it comes to people’s voting intentions. The PSD on the other hand – traditionally the country’s ‘other main political party’ – is experiencing a Renaissance with energetic new leader Luís Montenegro. The ‘difference’ between the two parties right now is just 6%. This translates into the PS having ‘lost’ 3% since August, and the PSD having won 2%. Indeed, according to the polls, ALL minority parties are gaining support as the PS and its lackluster statements continue to be the brunt of satirical television programmes.