Vasco Cordeiro speaking in Ponta Delgada today. Image: André Kosters/ Lusa
Vasco Cordeiro speaking in Ponta Delgada today. Image: André Kosters/ Lusa

PS/ Azores “does not accept” minority centre-right government that ‘won’ elections last Sunday

“Too much national politics” involved, says Azores PS leader

The president of PS/Azores, Vasco Cordeiro, has announced his party will not be supporting the programme of the PSD/CDS/PPM coalition, which won last Sunday’s legislative elections in the autonomous region.

“There is too much national politics and not enough Azorean politics in the way the PSD/CDS-PP/PPM and CHEGA coalition are managing the situation resulting from the February 4 elections. That’s also why there is a need to make clear the political position that the PS/Azores takes on the Programme of the XIV Regional Government, because doing so is already a clear sign of respect for the autonomy of the Azores, but no less important is the clear reaffirmation of the decision-making autonomy of the PS/Azores,” said Cordeiro at a press conference in Ponta Delgada.

The decision was taken unanimously at the meeting of the Regional Secretariat and the meeting of the Regional Commission – the highest body between congresses – held on Thursday in Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel.

As Lusa explains, Azores’ Socialists believe that their approval of the regional government’s programme would “automatically” leave them with the “political obligation” to approve the Azores budgets every year and, at the very least, condition their freedom of decision in these votes.

Vasco Cordeiro understanding is that there would be a “total and absolute subversion of the will” of the voters: “The main opposition party would become CHEGA and PS/Açores would become the political crutch of the XIV Regional Government of the PSD/CDS/PPM coalition.”

Cordeiro went on: “with their silence, and once again their dubious and duplicitous expressions“, the PSD and CHEGA are dealing with the future of the Azores “not in the interests of Azoreans, but in the interests of the national boards of these parties”, particularly when it comes to the legislative elections scheduled on the mainland for March 10.

In Sunday’s regional elections, PSD/CDS-PP/PPM (which have banded together on the mainland as the Aliança Democrática, or AD) elected 26 MPs, three short of an absolute majority.

José Manuel Bolieiro, leader of the right-wing coalition – which has been in power in the archipelago since 2020 – has said that he will govern with a relative majority for the next four years.

The PS is the second largest party in the Azores, with 23 MPs, followed by CHEGA, with five, and BE, IL and PAN each having only one MP.

Earlier this week, CHEGA appeared to agree to viabilise the new government. Then party leader André Ventura was described as ‘against an agreement’ – and now he is apparently all for it (as long as CHEGA is part of the new executive). There is still quite some way to go before this new government is ‘settled’.

Source: LUSA