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Providing clean energy for your home

Novambiente Lda, founded in 1989 by fully-qualified German engineer Christian Oster and his wife Ina Tänzer, provides a professional service in advising on and planning alternative energies.

Novambiente Lda specialises in central heating systems, with heat production from solar, wood, heat pump, oil and gas energy and heat distribution by floor heating, wall heating and radiators.

Ina Tänzer told the Algarve Resident: “In cooperation with our clients and our fully certified engineers, each system or solution is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our well-trained staff ensures the highest standards of our products, installation and services.”

They also provide hot water systems, pool heating (solar or heat pump), solar for electricity production (photovoltaic system) for stand-alone systems, water treatment and disinfection by ultraviolet light radiation.

Radiant heating systems do not lose energy through ducts, as traditional systems do, and give an effect similar to the heat felt from a cooker from across a room and are available from Novambiente.

“While we are able to install traditional mounted radiators, we are also able to provide wall heating systems that distribute heat via radiation to create an even temperature.

“This method of heating is very comfortable for the human body as it emulates the heat of the sun,” said Ina Tänzer.

For more information and a free quotation, please make an appointment to visit Novambiente, located at Largo António Vaz Mascarenhas, 10, São Bartolomeu de Messines, by calling 282 330 474 or 964 008 990 or emailing [email protected] Alternatively, please visit the website, available in Portuguese, English and German, at