Protests in Lisbon in support of Greek debt negotiation

In sync with various European cities, a group of demonstrators marched in Lisbon over the weekend in support of Greece and its efforts for bailout debt negotiation.

The protest, which took place in Largo de Camões, was supported by a broad spectrum of Portuguese professionals, including filmmaker António Pedro Vasconcelos and political activist and renowned endocrinologist Isabel do Carmo.

Banners proclaiming “Juntos Contra a Troika” (together against the troika) and “O Medo Mudou de Lado” (Fear Changed Sides) were translated into Greek as in Brussels all eyes are on the Eurogroup meeting scheduled for later today in which Greece’s Finance minister will yet again come up against his German counterpart Wolfgang Schauble.

According to Diário de Notícias similar pro-Greece protests are planned in Braga, Faro, Porto, Viseu and Portimão.

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