Protestors demonstrate over televised bullfight

Around 80 people took part in an anti-bullfighting protest on Friday (August 21) outside Albufeira bullring, where once again a bullfight was televised by state-owned station RTP.

The protest saw a number of people putting on a macabre display evoking bulls that are left dead and bloodied at the end of a bullfight.

The demonstration was mounted by activists group Cidade de Albufeira Anti-Touradas (CAAT), which later criticised RTP for “not having an ethical and moral attitude” and “spending taxpayers’ money to air gratuitous violence, which parents allow children to watch, contrary to UN recommendations”.

Jornal de Notícias reported, however, that the bullfight registered the lowest ratings of this summer’s televised bullfights, with around 342,000 viewers.