Protesting teachers camp in front of Armação de Pêra school

Teachers are sleeping in tents 

Dozens of teachers are camping in front of the E.B. 2 and 3 School in Armação de Pêra as part of a “vigil to defend public schools.”

As protesting teacher Luís de Deus told CNN, “public education is dying.”

He explained that there are currently “no students who want to become teachers,” which leaves the future of Portugal’s education in doubt.

The vigil started at 6pm on Sunday and will run until at least Wednesday morning.

Teachers are sleeping in tents in front of the school while food is being donated by other teachers as well as parents.

Minimum services will nonetheless be guaranteed by the teachers, who also say they will be organising “moments of interaction between teachers and members of society” every day after 7pm.

Thousands of teachers protested in Porto and Lisbon again on Saturday ahead of the March 9 meeting with the Minister of Education which teachers say will be the “last opportunity” for an agreement between both sides.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]