Protesters raise quarry profile


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Protesters from the PROBAAL group in Tavira gathered outside the Tavira Câmara on March 5 in the first of a series of planned protests against the construction of a quarry in nearby Cerro de Leiria.

More than 20 demonstrators brought banners, leaflets, placards and stones to place outside the door of the Câmara building.

They hope that the demonstration will help to raise awareness among local people in Tavira about the effects the quarry would have on the local area, especially to the local water supply.

Amanda McGregor, a member of PROBAAL, told the Algarve Resident: “The whole point of us being here is to let the Câmara know that we will not be forgotten by them.” She added: “We want to take this opportunity to let people know about what is happening at Cerro de Leiria and this is not just about the people who live close to the quarry. If the aquifer in the area is affected by the quarry then many local people will have their water supply compromised.

“Though we did not speak to the President of the Câmara, he will know we were there and, when we come back week after week, he will understand that we are not going away.”

The quarry at Cerro de Leiria is located in a REN area, a national ecological reserve, however permission for the quarry was granted by Tavira Câmara in 2009 and the site is legal.

Environmental group Almargem has also declared that it is against the development of the quarry, stating that the site is a threat to the environment.

A spokesman from Tavira Câmara told the Algarve Resident: “The President of the Câmara will not be making any comment about the protests as it is not considered to be appropriate.”

The next protest by the PROBAAL members is due to take place today (Friday) outside Tavira Câmara building from 12pm.

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