Man doing a handstand on the beach and feeling relaxed knowing that he is covered by one of the insurance policies provided by Jim Player.

Protecting yourself 24/7 with the right insurance policy

Did you know that Social Security does not grant compensation for incapacity to work resulting, amongst others, from sporting accidents?

A Personal Accident Insurance is always with you so that you can live your daily life without worries, protecting you 24/7, in Portugal and abroad. At Jim Player, you can choose to take out one of these insurance policies, so that you can live every day without worries, whether in your home life, leisure or sports activities.

With this insurance policy, even if the unexpected happens and you are not able to work, thus being deprived of your regular income, you can still receive a daily allowance, minimising the consequences that unforeseen events may cause in your personal and family life.

As one of the Algarve’s leading independent insurance agencies, Jim Player aim to provide the best possible insurance cover at the most competitive prices. No matter how diverse or complicated your requirements may be, they will find the best and most suited insurance solution for you. Based on principles such as simplicity, credibility, trust and excellence in the services provided, they’ve been faithful to same mission throughout their more than 30 years of experience – to serve customers well with smart solutions that meet what they need.

Their services are based on an intelligent translation of your needs. They are aware of your need for value, in both the delivery of their services and in the purchase of your insurance at the right price. Jim Player has a wide range of products for individuals and families, from the most essential, such as home insurance, car insurance, health or life insurance, to the more specific ones, such as private and family liability insurance and even travel insurance.

To learn more about the right insurance policy for you, you can contact Jim Player directly and one of their team members will create a bespoke insurance package just for you.


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Man and woman cycling feeling secure for having taken an insurance policy at Jim Player.

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