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Protecting Praia Grande

Following the approval of construction plans for Praia Grande in Silves, Almargem, the environmental protection association of the Algarve, has expressed its concerns for the project.

Speaking on behalf of Almargem, João Santos told the Algarve Resident: “Since the first proposal of plans for Praia Grande by the Silves Câmara in 2007, Almargem has, on more than one occasion, expressed our opposition to the project and our goals of keeping the coast free of concrete and additional golf courses.”

Plans set for Praia Grande include the development of three five star hotels, five separate accommodation units and a 16-hole golf course (read Algarve Resident, January 27 edition.)

Almargem says the Municipality of Silves should look into the future of Praia Grande and to make a thorough review of what they had originally planned for the area.

He added that it is hoped that the Câmara considers this re-evaluation and takes into consideration the existing natural values of the current space that includes fossilised dunes, valuable rural heritage and interesting patches of natural vegetation that “will all be ruined” if plans are to go ahead.