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Protecting and enhancing your home

Protecting and maintaining the value of your property has become more important than ever. Along with a range of top-quality products, STO can offer the technical and manual know-how to ensure the best possible solutions for doing so.

STO has an extensive range of high-quality interior/exterior paints and renders, providing solutions for all aspects of your facades including functionality, aesthetics, and economy.  

The paint range is efficient to withstand weather and prevent algae and fungi, it is available in an extensive range of colours and textures, and has a high covering capacity which minimises the amount of material needed; reducing labour costs.

Beyond paints and renders, STO offers the most successful facade insulation system in the world. It is a highly durable, externally insulated facade system with proven performance in critical functions.

Outstanding features include the elimination of thermal bridges and 100% humidity in walls, it provides very high crack and shock resistance (10 times higher than that of conventional systems), it resists micro-organisms such as algae and fungus, reduces household energy consumption by up to 70% and reduces exterior maintenance. Plus it adheres to all types of surfaces including concrete, sand-lime block, brick, porous concrete, and wood.

In addition to the protection and enhancement of your home, this system also offers year-round comfort and well-being.

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