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Protect against mosquito bites

WITH EVERYTHING you will need to protect yourself against the onslaught of the summer insects, Mosquito Canopies is a one stop shop for peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

In the six months since the company was established, owners Jim and Deborah Guthrie have moved into new premises, which has ample space to exhibit the full range of handmade bed canopies in stock.

Mosquito Canopies prides itself in using a chemical-free approach and strives to offer customers a range of styles, fabrics and colour options for the canopies that will complement a room’s decoration. The expert staff are flexible and functional, as they are able to provide canopies and frames that will suit every client with a wide variety of sizes and shapes to protect all types of beds.

Jim Guthrie told The Resident: “In the future, we would like to explore new products and solutions to protect against mosquitoes. We pride ourselves in using natural remedies rather than chemical sprays.”

Mosquito Canopies can even construct a purpose-built bed frame with mosquito canopy to fit every taste and also offer outdoor protection for patios and balconies, anti-mosquito wristbands and other citronella products that ward off insects as well as travel nets. They also stock a range of bedroom accessories.

The showroom and base of operations is located in Vale de Lousas on the EN125, between Alcantarilha and Porches, next to Style Furnishings.

An official opening day is due to take place next Friday (March 7) and everyone is welcome for a free drink.

For more information, please call 282 313 063/913 608 141 or visit