Prostitution attracts violence in Praia da Rocha  

A 21-YEAR-OLD Brazilian prostitute was recently the victim of a violent attack by a client in Praia da Rocha, which resulted in her falling from the sixth floor of a block of apartments. A Portuguese colleague of the prostitute, working in the same apartment, suffered injuries to her face and hands after the same client attacked her with a knife before chasing the other woman who ran onto the apartment balcony.

The incident, which took place at the Gaivota-Mar building, in the centre of a major tourist area in Praia da Rocha, is apparently not an isolated case, with violence linked to prostitution on the increase in that part of the Portimão borough. However, this latest case, due to its particularly shocking nature, has thrown sex workers in the area into panic, along with local business owners and residents.

Miraculously, the Brazilian who fell from the balcony escaped with her life, although sustaining injuries to the pelvis and legs. She was rushed to the Barlavento Hospital and then transferred to Lisbon. Doctors have confirmed she is out of danger.

The attack was carried out last Sunday afternoon by a young Brazilian man, however, the motive is unknown and the assailant is still at large. Police sources say that a row may have developed over prices charged for the services. According to sex workers protection groups, most violence involving prostitutes begins when clients refuse to use a condom or arrive at brothels drunk.

Trouble spot

Praia da Rocha is becoming a trouble spot with violent crimes taking place in the area increasing. An armed robbery took place at the Alisuper supermarket in the Varanda da Rocha building on February 13, while on February 8 a local businessman was attacked in the street with an iron bar. In addition, a well-known footballer was attacked by two men on New Year’s Eve, when he was walking to his car which was parked close to Hotel Tarik. He suffered several knife wounds. In another incident, which also took place last December, a 25-year-old man attacked a policeman and a bystander who attempted to calm him.