Prosperity at Faro Airport

Air Traffic in Faro Airport is expected to increase by five per cent against last year. In March, 10,687 passengers arrived at the airport, which shows a rise of 5.9 per cent compared with the same month last year. British tourists still rank top of the list, followed by Germans and Dutch. Internal tourism accounted for just over five per cent of the total industry so far this year.

The airport itself was voted the best in Portugal by Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Belgian passengers. It was also voted the best by natives, highlighting the level of information, cleanliness, efficiency and disposition of staff, as well as the accessibility of the numerous toilet facilities throughout the airport.

The “Fly to Algarve” campaign, launched by ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal, is increasingly veering towards attracting airlines offering cheap flights to the region. The aim is to boost the tourism industry, while at the same time reducing the amount of money spent on advertising the area. The airlines would take care of that by celebrating their low-cost flights to the region and all the Algarve has to offer.